All-time cars for bankrupt budget buyers

Each car has its advantages. This post may not be suitable for people who buy toy cars. However, for those of us looking for transportation, cheaply, it’s hard to find a good review. So I compiled a list of cars for bankrupt buyers like you and me. Here is my list.

These cars meet three benefits or criteria to be on this list. One, they have to be cheap. Two, they must consume miniscule fuel, if possible none – hehehe. Also, according to criterion number three, they must be commercially available, not old cars. Last but not on the list, hybrid cars are not supported.

Without further ado, here is the list.

  • Toyota Vitz,

Toyota built Vitz 2002-2008 for us economy buyers. You can find Toyota Vitz for little money. However, it provides a valuable service. Vitz comes with a good interior design and even decent performance. Plus, you can always bet to sell it when things get dark.

  • Hyundai atoz

Atoz may not be the sexy option out there. But like I said, you get the basic benefit of a car. It will take you where you want to go. It has decent storage for minimalists. Although I will not value the engine and interior design, Atoz is a good option for us.

  • Lifan 320,

May be available in Asia, some European and African markets. Lifan 320 could be scary with its crush reports telling us the safety issue. However, Lifan 320 is cheap and it gets the job done. Also, reselling could be a problem as it ages quickly.

  • Toyota Corolla,

It may not be cheap, but it is the best when it comes to fuel consumption. The Toyota Corolla is also the easiest car to resell of all time. You can also guarantee that your money will not be lost when you buy this award-winning car.

  • Kia Seen

Like the Hyundai Atoz, this city car is affordable. Kia Vistas is made for urban transportation. Also, budget buyers will find this car a perfect fit.

  • Toyota yaris

Toyota Yaris, especially the three-door hatchback, is a must on this list. Because it is not only affordable and inexpensive, it is also reliable. For a small, inexpensive car, you have plenty of cargo space.

  • Kia Soul

Kia Soul is interesting and fun to own. This South Korean car is not just a cheaply made city car. It has an impressive design.

  • Toyota prius

Okay, I admit, Toyota Prius is not as cheap as the rest of these cars. It’s actually almost double the price of the first cars on this list. However, I promise that you will save money in the long run. In fact, Toyota Prius will be worth every penny you invest in it.

  • Smart Fortwo Coupe

Oh my gosh, I can safely say that Smart is just a motorcycle with four wheels. However, I’ll tell you what, no parking problem. Basically, it is a perfect car for one or two people.

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