Belgian League: Sector One to defend spring title in final against KV Mechelen Esports

It took more than thirty duels spread over ten days of the championship to finally know the identity of the teams who will compete for the title of Spring Split 2021 of the Belgian League.

After KV Mechelen Esports last week, it was Sector One and the Ion Squad’s turn to try to qualify for the grand final of the competition last night. The Ion Squad, defeated by the Malinois and forced to play a decisive second semi-final, saw defending champions Sector One rise to their height in the lower tree.

In order to get there, the “Foxes” first had to overcome 4Elements Esports in a mandatory quarterfinal following their respective third and fourth place in the classic phase of the championship. This easy success, 3-0, therefore allowed Sector One to continue its course in the competition and thus be able to try to win a new final in the following match.

Sector One, unrecognizable compared to last season, would therefore face a major challenge: beat the Ion Squad to join KV Mechelen Esports in the final. Something that the team did not manage to do during the double confrontation of the classic phase. The Ion Squad therefore left with a certain moral advantage over its evening opponent!

Yet it was Jeroen “Night” Segers’ men who scored the first point of this BO5. The Ion Squad, surprised and certainly upset, will then reply twice in order to regain the advantage and lead 2 to 1. But as great champions, the Sector One players will finally win the last two decisive rounds to win. 3 to 2.

A victory torn in the suffering which will nevertheless allow Sector One to defend its title of winner of the Spring Split 2020.

That said, it is the KV Mechelen Esports which will leave with the favors of the predictions next Monday. The “Blood & Gold” have indeed come to the end of their future opponent twice during the classic phase. But the stats sometimes lie, as evidenced by the semi-final summarized above and the elimination of the Ion Squad.

Everything remains open for this grand final of Spring Split 2021 and the show should be there!

Epilogue of this first part of the Belgian League this Monday, March 22, 2021, from 7:00 p.m., on the event’s Twitch channel.

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