Bpost draws a positive assessment of 2020: the figures of a crazy year

The crisis does not only create bankruptcies and some companies take advantage of this to break records. This is the case of Bpost, which has had to deal with an explosion in the number of parcels for a year. If we observed an increase in the number of packages of the order of 20.9% in 2019, we went to an increase of 56.2% in 2020. And in view of the different quarters, we see that this is good the Covid-19 which accelerated the changes in consumption habits of Belgians since from January to March, this increase was 25.2%. For the following three months, it rose to 79.3%, against 49% and 67.4% respectively for the following two quarters. Clearly, confinements have boosted Bpost’s activities, not to mention the end-of-year celebrations which were those of all records.

If an average of 537,000 parcels were processed per day at Bpost, this figure climbed to 670,000 on average during the month of December. A shift towards e-commerce which has also been felt by the My Bpost app, which has passed the milestone of one million users.

On the mail side, the continuous decline of recent years has been observed, even if it has subsided a little. Despite an 11.8% drop in volume, 5.8 million letters were sent. In addition, Bpost employed 38,639 people, including interim staff, at the end of the year, compared to 35,377 at the end of 2019 (+ 9.2%).

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