Crochet yarns from Goldrajch

The other time, we had dealt with his Voodoo masks and creatures as if emerging from a world populated by magical rituals. Here, a change of scenery with canvases stuffed with wool, chromatic. Wool, in fact crochet approaches to a familiar universe: flowers, dolls, animals, sometimes masks, like an earthly garden animated by an intimate and social life which, in times troubled by a furious pandemic, calls for the exuberance, sharing of joys. Born in Ramat-Gan, Israel, in 1985, Stephan Goldrajch studied in Brussels (Aca des Beaux-Arts and La Cambre) and in Jerusalem. He feels inspired by the ancestral traditions, the rites, the techniques of craftsmen. The relationship with humans fascinates him. The proof, this exhibition charged with light, colorful and vibrant. A sort of sworn craftsmanship punctuated by effervescent chromaticism. Without being overwhelming, it is fresh, vibrant, alive. It is a call to our imaginations, to encounters between art and the living who participate with it in the creation of these works in which the starting point becomes intertwining and complicit participation.

Lucky charm Contemporary art Where Galerie Baronian Xippas, 33, rue de la Concorde, 1050 Brussels. and 02.512.92.95 When Until April 3.

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