Do you want honors? Here’s how to buy a title of nobility

We tested different sites that offer, from 25 €, to buy titles of nobility. The result is interesting.

In ancient Rome, the term nobilitas referred to the most prominent members of the civic aristocracy. This word comes from the Latin nobilis which means “known”, “famous”. This first applies to families known by their seniority, and is at the origin of the French term nobility.

In Belgium, article 113 of the Constitution provides that “the King has the right to confer titles of nobility, without ever being able to attach any privilege to them”.

Article 230 of the Penal Code punishes anyone who has publicly attributed to himself titles of nobility that do not belong to him. Are not concerned by this ban, the people resulting from a foreign nobility, carrying legitimately this title in their country although not having been the object of recognition in Belgium.

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