Dutch company does not supply grass for World Cup football due to human rights violations

Hendriks Graszoden breaks with the long-standing tradition of supplying grass for the FIFA World Cup through the stories of human rights violations and the low quality standards for grass for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The Dutch company Hendriks Graszoden will not supply grass to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Hendriks Graszoden is withdrawing due to, among other things, violations of human rights in Qatar, a spokeswoman confirmed on Wednesday.

Hendriks Graszoden thus breaks with a long tradition. It previously provided turf for the World Cup in Germany (2006), the European Championship in Switzerland (2008) and the European Championship in France (2016). ‘The presentation round was in Qatar in 2010 and after that we tried to get the order. But after a while we realized: this is not going to be it, ‘said the spokeswoman. According to her, the working conditions during construction are bad. “We knew there were deaths, but were shocked when we heard that 6,500 people died during the work.”

Sometimes you have to make a decision on ethical grounds.


In addition to the harsh working conditions, the quality standards for growing grass were also below all levels in Qatar. Hendriks Graszoden had to cooperate with local entrepreneurs, and they set less stringent requirements. That was unacceptable to Hendriks Graszoden.

Finally, the company finds it incomprehensible that the world football association FIFA does not intervene. “We were very surprised,” said the spokeswoman. ‘Our decision to withdraw is certainly a loss for the company. But sometimes you have to make a decision on ethical grounds. ‘

As far as is known, Hendriks Graszoden is the first Dutch company that does not want to cooperate with the organization of the World Cup because of the violation of human rights.

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