EU imposes sanctions on Myanmar

The EU will impose sanctions on 11 people who are held responsible for the military coup and violence against protesters in Myanmar. This was announced by the EU Foreign Affairs Representative Josep Borrell on Monday shortly before the start of a meeting with the foreign ministers of the member states in Brussels. In the Southeast Asian country, the military put a coup against Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi at the beginning of February.


Borrell in front of the EU Council of Foreign Ministers in Brussels

The names of those affected should be published in the EU Official Journal immediately after the official decision. The EU’s sanction regimes stipulate that their assets are frozen and no more money or economic resources can be made available to them. In addition, entry into the European Union is prohibited.

In protests against the military junta, numerous people were killed again last weekend. Around seven weeks after the coup, the number of deaths rose to at least 247, the prisoners’ aid organization AAPP announced on Twitter. The real number is likely to be far higher. The protesters demand a return to democratic reforms and the reinstatement of Suu Kyi. The 75-year-old was at the head of a government in which the military was also involved with ministerial posts.

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