How to pay bills with your Waterford Crystal

Sometimes luxury items like Waterford Crystal can pay your bills

As we all know, Waterford Crystal is a luxury item. Beautiful to hold with all the bright colors of sunbeams through an open window, but sometimes those big bright things have to take second place to feed your family! That’s right.

When the bills are due and the mortgage or rent is due, what good is the Waterford ship’s decanter, a grand chandelier hanging in your hallway, or sipping wine from your Lismore wine glasses, when you need basic living? The following are some things you may want to consider in this current economic climate.

Should Waterford Crystal take pride of place in your home when you are struggling financially? Absolutely not!


Do I really need my Waterford Crystal, when the bills are piling up?

I recently received an email from a little old lady who lost her job due to cutbacks at the Health Department. Her husband had died the year before, she had no life insurance. She told me that she lost most of her savings in the 401K Plan and that she had decided to sell some of her Waterford collection, including a beautiful chandelier, in order to make ends meet and that she could appraise it. for her.

This is a typical situation and should make people think about their priorities. Food with basic necessities on the table, or Waterford Crystal Flutes to drink champagne?

Various Ways To Sell Your Waterford Crystal – Why I Don’t Recommend Pawn Shops

There are several ways to sell your crystal. If you have a nice collection, you might want to set up a page on eBay, under the “Collectibles” category. I know some people who have had a very good response selling this way. The rates are reasonable and you don’t have to sell if the reserve price is not met. In other words, if you don’t get the asking price, you don’t need to sell. There are many tutorials on how to set up an eBay account, just google for more information.

Collectors’ magazines are another good source for selling your luxury items. There are many collectors out there who are missing that one “one piece” you can have, to complete their ensemble and make them as happy as a leprechaun with their stash of gold.

Another way is local newspapers. Put a little ad there with a brief explanation of what you have for sale, and wait for that phone to ring. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Real estate sales are another good source. What you need to do is contact a real estate agent to schedule a day or weekend sale. You put the label on your glass pieces and negotiate a commission cut for the agent.

Try to avoid pawn shops to sell your Waterford as they will only give you 10% of the value and the odds of you trading in are not favorable due to your financial circumstances. That’s why I don’t recommend pawnshops

Waterford Crystal appraisals. Find out the true value of your Waterford Crystal, before you sell

It is very important to have your crystal appraised by an expert to get its full value and give it a run for its money. James Connolly will do some digital photo research and give you an honest PDF report on what he can expect to get for your Waterford Crystal. This report will help you with potential buyers to get what it’s really worth!

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