I want more paying customers: where should I post my content online?

Because I professionally write, edit, and manage other people’s online content, I am often asked where to post articles, blog post links, comments, informational products, event announcements, and promotional material. While this is a valid query, it sometimes raises the real question: where can I find more paying customers? Although the answer varies by industry and target market, one principle remains the same: go where you have the opportunity to engage with your prospects and prospects.

Start by committing to yourself and your future customers to consistently provide valuable, timely, and problem-solving information that your ideal customers can use now. Because some of them will be new to your niche and some of them will be experienced (quite possibly a bad experience due to a previous purchase from a competitor), you have the opportunity to post a wide variety of answers, solutions, how-to guides, product reviews, quick fixes and tips to save time or save money. You can share your experience and help others by regularly posting new content on

• Your blog

• Directories where you publish articles online

• Industry forums

• Your newsletter or ezine

• Social networking sites including, but not limited to, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

• Teleseminars and Webinars

• Online tutorial sharing sites

• Video sharing sites

• Their website

Next, build your confidence. Build credibility with your content and with the way you interact with people across the internet. Try to build relationships instead of just selling your products or services.

• Be useful wherever you post online

• Take an interest in people and what interests or worries them.

• Answer to questions

• Encourage comments and feedback

• Share your contact information along with a call to action

Forget which content creation format is easiest for you. Instead, choose media that appeals to your target audience and reflects well on you, and then post accordingly.

• A person who reads incredibly fast will appreciate a transcript of your teleseminar instead of being forced to listen for a considerably longer period of time.

• Commuters may want a downloadable podcast of the same material to pass the time to and from work, especially if they drive themselves

• Someone with a slow or unreliable Internet connection will want quick and easy access to information.

• An organization expert should probably avoid making a video in a messy office.

Lastly, keep growing your online presence. In the real estate market, it’s all about location, location, location, but a real estate agent’s income is affected by the quantity and quality of properties listed. The same is true for your electronic content. One article or blog post can lead to a profitable new customer, but having multiple articles, blog posts, comments on forums and other people’s blogs, social media updates, videos and interesting web pages gives you more opportunities to attract attention. of future ideal clients. .

Go where you can interact with your ideal prospects and current customers. Once there, give them what they want: solutions to their problems, a reason to trust you, a relationship rather than a sales pitch, and easy-to-consume content in the formats that fit their lifestyle.

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