Irritations, acne, allergies: how to avoid skin problems associated with wearing a mask?

Since the start of confinement, a year ago now, the mouth mask has entered our lives and has become essential in all public spaces. While its role is essential in limiting the spread of the coronavirus, it can still cause certain skin problems.

“Over time, the mask can cause irritation, itching, redness, which are often quite benign and which are strictly limited to the places where the mask is placed”, explains dermatologist Dr. Tennstedt on the waves of Vivacity.

But beyond these few harmless symptoms, other more serious problems can also arise. For example, cases of allergy can arise because of the dye present in some dark fabric masks, or because of the rubber bands that keep the mask behind the ears.

In order to prevent these skin problems, Dr. Tennstedt recommends avoiding synthetic masks and favoring fabric masks without dye. It is also best to change your paper mask regularly (every four hours) to avoid irritation. Finally, in the case of pre-existing acne which would worsen at the level of the mask, it is important to consult a dermatologist quickly.

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