Keeping It Trendy: Wedding Gift Ideas for Fan Couples

Fandoms are online communities dedicated to a particular celebrity, television series, novel, or artist, to name a few. Even nuptials have their fair share of obsession. Wedding themes range from traditional motifs to the most modern and popular today. Thanks to social media, vlogs, and Pinterest, engaged couples can now personalize their nuptials with themes like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Disney, and the epic Game of Thrones.

Do you have a fanatic friend who is about to get married? Then this is for you! Join in the fun and make the most memorable gift you’ve ever seen!

Home decorations

Help your dear friends get started with home décor and essentials for their new home. Kitchen and dining sets are all-time favorites, but they put a little twist on it to suit your fandom preferences. Make their cooking and dining experience unique and they will surely thank you for making cooking and food a part of their obsession.

When it comes to home décor, your gift should be attractive and sophisticated. If you want your gift to be small but functional, imagine lamps and bedside lights, book ends, clocks, or cushions. They are sure to love a thoughtful compliment!

Honeymoon essentials

Help them make their days and nights fiery as husband and wife for a lasting marriage. Why not give away matching dresses, fandom underwear, or a gift basket full of fandom stuff for their first night? How about some glasses of wine for two, engraved with symbols or titles of your obsessions, to toast intimately for your union? You can always stop by your local geek shops or surf the internet for more ideas and options to share with your friends. The sexier the better. The more creative, the more it will stick.

Accessories for her and him

They may already have a couple of t-shirts and hoodies or they may even have their favorite character costumes. How about a couple of towels with your fan favorite logos or designs? Matching shoes or slippers are also available for fanatic newlyweds. Stores dedicated to fandoms emerge like mushrooms, so you can surely find one in your city. If not, online stores have tons of finds perfect for the couple. ThinkGeek, ThisIsWhyImBroke, Firebox, and much more would be perfect for you.

Custom / DIY

If you are skilled and adept at Photoshop, then creating the perfect gift is a piece of cake.

Terrariums are definitely popular these days. If your friends like Pokémon, The Hobbit, or The Hunger Games, snap a scene and put it in a glass for the overly obsessed couple! They’re relatively easy to do (not to mention fun), and the internet has many steps and procedures to make one with your topic of choice.

Photoshop is a marvel in the 21st century. Imagine the unlimited photo editing you can do! Take them into outer space with the cast of Star Trek, Star Wars, Thor, or Guardian’s of the Galaxy to celebrate their out-of-this-world marriage. Enlist them in Recon Corp with Levi and the gang in the Attack on Titan world of Attack on Titan. The list goes on.

If you’re the type who loves to push yourself beyond your limits (and you have the means), then be prepared to wow people by buying your pair of friends tickets to a long-awaited Comic Con or similar events. How about concert tickets for your favorite artists? How about a collectible, limited edition, or the last souvenir with an autograph? Add a short message for the pair then it’s overkill.

As you can see, the Internet contains a lot of things that we need to survive in this generation. It is a source of ideas for search engines, and if you are one, your search will not be in vain. Getting the perfect wedding gift for close friends is not an easy task because we all want to give the best possible gift. But again, as they always say, it’s the thought (and effort) that counts. Any gift is adored when it is the product of a genuine friendship between people.

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