Leeds rentals, you should have the “thing mom” spirit

Read the contract in the spirit of things

Most contracts indicate that the tenant needs to give the landlord at least one month’s notice if the contract is terminated, but some may require two months or 15 days. Regardless of how long it takes, this information should be clearly marked in the contract, and you need to check it carefully before signing the contract, otherwise don’t cry about the landlord’s shenanigans if it’s in black and white.

The energy-saving condition of the house determines the monthly bill

Many Chinese landlords or second landlords will pay the monthly bill for the tenant, and some people who share a Leeds student accommodation will share the monthly water and electricity consumption, the UK housing agents prefer the latter.

Fire prevention and burglary prevention

Students should have a rich nightlife, so you should pay attention to your personal safety when you go out, especially for girls, you should lock your doors and windows at night and try not to go out at night, at least not alone.

Choosing a room

Choosing a student accommodation in Leeds is definitely the first and most difficult step, and you have to consider the location, traffic, social security and other aspects of the situation.


The contract is called the Assured Shorthold Tenancy in UK law, and it will clearly define the rights and obligations of you and your landlord, as well as how to deal with any breach or termination of the agreement. It is important to note that you must read the rental contract carefully, and if there are any unreasonable points, you should strongly propose amendments, and also check whether the appliances mentioned in the contract can be used properly.

Security deposit

Once you sign the contract, you have to pay a deposit, which also reminds us to pay attention to the details of the contract. Once you sign the contract and give a deposit, and then try to back out later, the deposit is not refundable. The deposit is usually more expensive than the deposit for accepting an on-campus housing offer, and some deposits cover the agent’s fee + the deposit (usually based on six weeks’ rent) + the first month’s rent.

Deposit for renting a roomDeposit

Deposit disputes are common in China, and they are not uncommon abroad, where the landlord or agent may refuse to refund or under-reimburse the deposit on various excuses. According to the law in England and Wales (excluding Scotland and Northern Ireland), after April 6, 2007, rental deposits are required to be part of a protection scheme. Service (TDS)”

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