Let your life be a sacrifice to our Father

My dear, live your whole life in communion with Our Father through the Holy Spirit in our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Father likes that we offer him sacrifice; and in these present times, we need to offer ourselves as a living sacrifice, pleasing to Our Father. Therefore, cleanse your life of all injustice so that you may be purified by the blood of the lamb, made perfect in his eyes. Let your ways be pure so that he delights in making you his abode, that you dwell in the fullness of his presence.

What occupies your mind? What is the motive that drives you every day? Don’t let it happen to you that there is nothing that should concern us more than seeking the kingdom and its justice. If you are a student and you dream of becoming a prominent person in the future because of your selfish need, then do not expect the blessings of Our Father for love to glorify yourself through Christ Jesus Our Lord if that will bring you honor.

We then join Paul in saying: “what shall separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord? It is a fundamental truth that in all our living, our lives must bring him praise; “we live no longer for ourselves but for the one who died, so that by his death we may have salvation.”

As it was given to Paul long ago, we are living in an evil day: “LORD, all praise what is evil.” But it should not be so with us Christians because we know the truth: our ears hear and our eyes see that Jesus is the son of the living Father and in him dwells the fullness of salvation.” The world does not have such a truth for they are blinded by their continuous sins and deafened by them, they love evil so much because its seed has successfully taken root.

What will he say then, if we boast that we are better than them in any way? Certainly not, because we are only grafted parts of the vine, if we do not remain true to the trust placed in us, we will be pruned and how much worse will it be for us at the end of all things when we are gathered before the seat of Christ’s concept. Wake up, then, from your sleep: if you are an intercessor, live the trust and grace that has been given to you, interceding for all men, especially for those who are in the house of faith. If you are a minister of the word, get back to your work, explaining the teachings of Christ with the true wisdom of Christ that has been fully poured out on you. If you are a musician, then keep going without ever getting tired of the gift of angels that you have been given.

We know that our treasure is not of this world because our treasure is Christ Jesus Our Lord, who was crucified for our transgressions in suffering pain and shame. We are sure that our reward awaits us in heaven and that is why we strive with the strength of the Holy Spirit to complete the work that has been entrusted to us. Have you forgotten that Christ Jesus Our Lord emptied himself on the cross looking away from the human? We are also expected to empty ourselves into the call we have received.
Our Father loves to honor those who fear him, and learns to walk in his perfect path of Christ at all times.

The end is here, let us not live like the world, but with all true humility in the Spirit, united in one love, let us live to please Our Father. Do not forget that these days all true Christians need to be together. If nothing dear, the yearning desire of our Lord Jesus Christ needs to become perfect: “that all may be one, just as we are one.” “A new commandment I give you: that you love one another as I have loved you. For in this way the world will know that you are my disciples.” The enemy has caused enough destruction; he has managed to work against Our Father’s desire in the son, but these days, we all need to unite with praise and thanksgiving in our hearts by taking on assigned duties. If you are a true Christian but you have left your assigned duty to pursue the vanities of this world, then I charge you in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ to stop and return to fulfill the task in which so much grace has been given to you; because what you sought will be of no use in the dark days ahead. Only with the support of Our Father can we survive the coming anguish.

Let us put to death all the things that separate us from the love of Christ: love your brother as yourself. These days we all need to be one, only a husband and wife become one in marriage. So, arm in arm, and with our eyes fixed on Christ Jesus, drawing our strength from the Spirit who is in the Father through the son in us, let us remain faithful to the end.

Our soon-coming king is at the door; let us not destroy ourselves by the works and deceits of the enemy. That is why Paul reminds us that we must not ignore the ways of the enemy to be alert at all times, and resist him so that he flees from us.

May the evil of these days not make its home among us. Amen.

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