Saltwater Aquarium Care Tips To Help You Have A Stunning Marine Aquarium

Having a good saltwater aquarium care plan is the best way to improve your chances of having an impressive marine aquarium. However, not everyone knows how to care for a marine tank the right way. Below you will see some critical care that needs to be taken on your saltwater tank.

Must Do Saltwater Aquarium Care Chores

change your water– The best way to minimize algae problems and keep your fish healthy is to reduce the amount of dissolved organic matter found in your saltwater tank. the easiest way to achieve this is to do frequent water changes. By changing 10% of the water in your tanks every two weeks, you will be able to keep these levels to a minimum and have less algae and healthier, more colorful fish.

Keep your filter clean– The job of the filter system is to remove solid waste such as uneaten fish food, fish waste, and other debris. Waste can and will break down into nitrates and phosphates if left to rot. To ensure this does not happen, it is recommended to clean the filters every two weeks. This will not only help your marine aquarium stay clean and clear, it will also help reduce nitrate and phosphate levels in the tank.

Clean your pump and powerheads– At least once a month, you should clean the inlet and impellers of all pumps and power heads in your tank. Over time these build up sludge and this sludge will reduce the amount of flow they produce. When the flow is reduced, less solid waste is held in suspension to be removed by the filters, and if your tank is slightly overstocked, oxygen levels may drop. Therefore, by keeping your pumps in top condition, you will allow your filters to perform better and keep your fish healthier.

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