Stop being skinny and become a hunk by learning how to build muscle and gain weight fast

Many people think they know how to build muscle mass and gain weight fast. Know?

There are some people who are born thin by nature. Muscle mass is not a natural part of your body composition. You can push yourself to the max on the weight machine, gobble down one protein shake after another, and still look lean as a willow.

If you belong to this group, you should be aware that in order to build muscle mass, you have to adopt a slightly different strategy. You cannot blindly follow the methods of those people who can easily build muscle mass. They are not the same as you.

To build muscle mass using drug-free methods, you must have a training program that is tailored to your unique situation.

One of the first things to understand about your training program is this: it will be much more intense than usual. Many people work out in the gym lifting weights so light that they don’t even break a sweat. You would be very wrong if you think that spending time doing that will help you build muscle.

You need to bring a very high level of intense energy and focus to your weight training. Approach each set of exercises as if your life depended on it. Focus on each repetition. Don’t just do it, really focus on it.

When you rest, be sure to time it accurately. You have to be almost fanatic about it. Use a timer if necessary. Don’t let your muscles cool down and lose the benefits of your previous reps.

Focus. Don’t get distracted by other people. They can do their thing. For you, it’s just you and the pesos. Get an MP3 player, wear headphones, and block out all distractions.

Keep your friends away. Don’t bring your girl, you can show off later, when you have real results. For now, your training should be the only focus.

This is just the setup and mindset you should have. If you focus on the results you want, you can achieve it.

In addition to focus, you must have commitment. Stop jumping from one training program to another. They are just passing fads. If you start a program, stop it after a few weeks, then it’s no wonder it doesn’t work. If you do this, it may appear that you are serious and excited about your training, but the reality is that you are simply avoiding the real problems.

Each program will work, if you apply the right level of intensity, give it the right amount of time to do its job. Take a program, study it well. Examine each and every aspect of it and make sure it is at the right intensity to help you build your muscle mass.

Be honest with yourself. Don’t stop a program simply because it is too difficult or because there is a “better” program. Focus and commit to a good training program.

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