The pain of anal itching

Self-help tips for anal itching

The most important thing to remember is that anal itching is usually treated with good hygiene.

Remember that the anus area has folds and wrinkles.

Our bodies change and can become sensitive to something that we have been using for years. So, don’t discount simple or obvious ideas that can help you.

It may seem like it will take a long time to get into the anal care routine. If this keeps you from sticking your fingers up your butt when you’re at a restaurant, wouldn’t that be time well spent a few extra minutes?

The following can help your routine

Wash your anal area after you’ve had a bowel movement, some doctors recommend using aqueous cream as a cleanser, but be sure to rinse it off well.

Rub the anus, never rub or scrape it with a cloth. If it is difficult to dry, use a hair dryer on cold.

Sprinkle a cotton ball with talcum powder, make sure it is not scented or talcum powder, and place it in your underwear against the opening of the rectum to help keep it dry. Make sure to change this every time you use the bathroom.

If your anal itching is acute and you are taking frequent sitz baths, remember never to use a bubble bath or scented oil. Instead, use a handful of kitchen salt in the water.

Don’t wear shaped underwear, it will only make you sweat

Do not use special detergents that have perfume or biological enzymes for your underwear.

Use detergents that say for sensitive skin

Do not scratch. I know it can get excruciating and if you need to make sure you find a safe place to do it. Don’t scratch yourself either, instead, if you really must do something, pinch the skin between your thumb and forefinger through clothing.

Sleeping is when we seem to be the best at scratching ourselves. You can put on gloves to help keep damage to a minimum, keep your nails short, and most of all, ask your doctor about an antihistamine. Antihistamines are good for itching and will help you sleep.

Don’t use petroleum jelly or anything like that. It will keep the area soggy and make the problem worse.

Use steroid creams only for short periods. In short-term use, they can make the inflammation decrease and therefore itchiness, but in the long-term it can make the skin thinner and make the problem worse.

Witch Hazel is an ancient remedy. He applies it twice a day. If it seems to make the problem worse, stop.

I heard an old wives story and I tried it and it actually worked. Place a banana peel against the opening for moments of intense itchiness.

The most important thing is to know your body, to do this, you must occasionally look for lumps or marks on the skin or hemorrhoids.

Avoid foods that give you flatulence (farts).

Anal itching can be a real and very embarrassing problem. The tips above give good advice on what you can do to help and even stop this problem. Knowledge is the key. So putting that knowledge into practice is the answer.

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