Weight Loss: The pH Diet Program

Whether you’re just looking to firm up before summer or want to lose some weight, this plan will produce results for you, if you stick to it. Hopefully, you will transform from a “diet” mentality to a “lifestyle” mentality. I am convinced that after seeing the incredible results of this program, you will become addicted to the way you look and feel.

I am not going to promise you incredible results. However, this program will make you lose weight quickly and safely. You’ll be well nourished throughout the program… and that’s why you’ll lose weight.

Let me also reassure you… this program is not a difficult program to follow. You will not go through periods of hunger. In fact, you’ll be eating much more often than usual, just in smaller portions.

The pH Weight Loss Diet will turn your body into a furnace… constantly and efficiently burning everything you feed it.

Why restoring the pH balance will help you lose weight

As your body becomes more and more acidic, it becomes less efficient. Acidification negatively affects your ability to digest food and absorb nutrients. It slows down your metabolism and puts all your body systems to the test. Here are some ways that heartburn contributes to weight gain:

Stomach: Acidification is related to mineral deficiency. When you are deficient in a macromineral called chloride, your ability to digest food in your stomach is inhibited. To digest protein foods, for example, your body will use chloride to make hydrochloric acid (HCL). If you’re chloride deficient, the HCL your stomach produces won’t be acidic enough (your stomach is the only organ you want to be highly acidic). This leads to poor digestion of food, which makes the rest of the digestive organs have to work harder to compensate.

Intestines: When food passes from the stomach to the small intestine, it mixes with bile from the liver and pancreatic juice from the pancreas. These fluids must be alkaline to work properly. If your body lacks the proper mineral balance, it will lead to an acidic environment in the intestines. In this environment, proper digestion does not take place, food ferments and rots. This environment becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of bad organisms to grow. As these bacteria and yeasts proliferate, they can literally puncture the intestinal walls, causing a leaky gut. Now, all that pollution starts to create toxicity throughout your body. At the same time, the lack of proper digestion leads to poor assimilation of vital nutrients.

Liver: The liver is your main detoxification organ. As your body becomes more acidic and polluted, it puts so much stress on your liver that it simply can’t keep up with the load. This stress, in turn, creates more stress on all other systems in the body.

All of this helps contribute to excessive storage of… FAT.

Fat is a binder of toxins. This is the truth is well documented. In fact, the United States Environmental Protection Agency studied fat biopsies from more than 400 people; the results were alarming. Each of them contained toxins (more than 100 different toxins were identified). So, imagine the scenario: due to an acidic body, microforms (bad bacteria, yeast and fungus) grow, producing all kinds of toxins (mycotoxins and exotoxins). Your liver, which is already overstressed with its daily duties, simply cannot process these toxins. In addition, there is a lack of acidity and a lack of minerals needed to process toxins, so your liver is not only too busy and overloaded, it is not even getting the necessary elements (minerals) to do a very effective job.

Your body has a wonderful way of dealing with this problem…it stores the toxins in your fat! However… because this fat is, in essence, “saving your life” from toxins, you will have a hard time burning it off, even if you went on a strict diet, your body won’t let it happen. On top of this, because your entire body is literally stressed, your metabolism slows down tremendously, causing you to store extra calories you don’t need as fat. At the end of the day, fat is a toxin problem and toxins are an acid problem. When you get your full biochemistry and pH back, you’ll see the excess weight literally melt away.

The program

Now I will describe a very practical way to alkalize your body, which will lead to a natural reduction of excess weight. If you follow the protocol, you will see incredible results. I will discuss diet and supplementation in this section.

The purpose of eating the recommended foods is, of course, to get the recommended nutrients. If you’re acidic, the types of nutrients you’re missing are different than if your pH is balanced. Proper pH balance occurs in your body when there is proper synergy and abundance of all the nutrients. Here are the essential nutrients you’ll get from alkaline foods or supplements that will help you balance your pH and lose weight:

Water: This is the most important element that your body needs. Of course you’ve heard this all your life, but it’s important that you actually do what you’ve heard. While some “experts” say that drinking eight 8 oz. glasses per day, it is my professional opinion that this is only half the amount you really need. On top of that, since you want to cleanse your entire system, I recommend that you drink a liter for every 30 pounds of body weight. So if you weigh 150 pounds, you need to drink 5 liters of water per day during this program. It will not only help flush acids and toxins out of your body, but will also help keep hunger in check.

It is just as important to consider the quality of the water you are drinking as the quantity. During this program (and afterward), you will want to drink highly mineralized alkaline water. This will provide vital trace elements and act as a buffer to the acids in your system. This type of water is also better absorbed by the cells in your body due to its structure. Adding pH Booster drops to water will increase the pH up to 500 times. It’s a good idea to make a gallon or more at a time, so it’s always available when you want it. Also, make it a habit to carry a bottle of water with you wherever you go. In addition to drinking water, you will get water by eating lots of fresh vegetables.

alkali minerals: These include potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, as well as manganese and iron. Maintaining a proper mineral balance is critical to pH balance. When you have abundant stores of these minerals, your body will have the buffering capacity to neutralize excess acids in your tissues and body fluids.

minerals: These are the forgotten minerals… numbering over 70. They fill very specific “niche” roles in the body. Unfortunately, due to the agricultural trends of the last century, much of the soil in which food is grown is devoid of these vital trace minerals. This program will help replenish depleted reserves of these minerals.

enzymes: Enzymes are the spark plug of life. Without them, life would not exist. They occur naturally in living foods…those that are not cooked or processed. They are required not only in digestion, but in literally millions of different chemical transactions that occur within your body every day. Acidification is synonymous with enzyme deficiency. Any time you eat a cooked, microwaved, processed, or packaged food, you are eating a food that is essentially “dead.” The enzymes that were present in them and that are necessary for digestion and the assimilation of nutrients are no longer there. Constant ingestion of these types of foods severely taxes every organ in your body. Rich in fresh, raw foods, this program will help replenish these vital proteins in your body.

Even when you start to use fat stores as a fuel source, you will need enzymes (lipase) to convert solid fats into fatty acids. This process is what will eventually result in shedding those extra pounds.

fiber: Fiber plays a fundamental role in weight control. Studies suggest that people who add an extra 14 grams per day to their diet could expect to lose 4 pounds in a matter of weeks and decrease food intake by up to 10%. Your current diet probably does not contain enough fiber. The average American consumes 15 grams of fiber a day, 10 grams less than the minimum recommended amount of 25 mg. This program will increase your fiber intake well beyond the minimum daily RDA. This will aid the digestive process as well as give you a “full” feeling… which will cause you to eat less.

The diet to balance the pH

During this program, your diet will consist primarily of the following raw foods: vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, fresh cold-pressed oils, and protein powder. These foods are alkalizing, while foods such as meat, eggs, processed grains, sugar, packaged foods, cooked foods, and most seasonings are moderately to extremely acidifying.

The diet is quite simple. Eat at least six times a day and keep portions small. Some call this type of eating “grazing.” Most of these foods (with the exception of oils) are low in calories. However, calorie count is not the key to this diet… acid count is. By eating these types of alkalizing foods, you will be introducing nutritional elements that will help neutralize and eliminate excess acids and toxins that are causing your overweight state. You will also refrain from acidifying food at the same time, thus giving your body a break at the same time.

You can find a complete list of alkalizing and acidifying foods along with recipes on The Phion Nutrition website (see below).

Move your body

You don’t have to kill yourself in the gym to experience the benefits of healthy movement. The key is to move… breathe and sweat. Increases heart rate and blood circulation. By exercising regularly, you will greatly amplify the benefits of this alkalizing diet and supplement program. However, not all exercises are the same.

It is much better to keep your heart rate low for longer periods of time than it is to keep it high for a shorter period of time. As a general rule, you shouldn’t have to catch your breath when you exercise… if you do, your heart rate is too high. This will result in burning sugar for fuel, instead of burning fat (which is what you want). When you burn sugar, you produce lactic acid in your body, which of course isn’t very good if you can’t neutralize it effectively.
It is important to make this program a lifestyle over time. Once you reach your ideal weight, you’ll want to maintain it… right? Do the same things that brought you success during this program every day thereafter. The longer you stay in peak health and have the body that feels good on the inside, the more likely you are to maintain it.

One last thing… give yourself a pat on the back. You should be proud of yourself for taking the necessary steps to improve the quality of your health and your quality of life. Keep a smile on his face, don’t make this program a “homework”-have fun with it. Nothing, I mean nothing, feels as good as a healthy, vibrant, energetic, lean body. Nothing feels quite like glowing health! So… go find it.

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