A look back at the third stage of the 2021 Freeride World Tour in Austria

The third stage of the Freeride World Tour 2021 once again amazed us. Ever more incredible runs and ever crazier feats.

The athletes gave everything on the Fieberbrunn stage, the last chance to secure his place for the Verbier Xtreme and the FWT22. They did not allow themselves to be overcome by stress and were able to show composure in the face of the iconic Wildseeloder. The lack of snow and the difficult snow conditions almost jeopardized the event, but the recent snowfall allowed the organizers to give the green light for today’s event.

The FWT and Fieberbrunn have a harmonious common history, this year celebrating the twelfth consecutive edition of the competition on these same mountains. This long history is not surprising, as the face used for competition, the Wildseeloder from Fieberbrunn, offers the perfect terrain – steep, exposed and challenging even for the most experienced riders.

Marion Haerty (FRA-1e Place) is undeniably the queen of freeride snowboarding. She shows again that she is untouchable by winning her fourth title of champion of the FWT, thus beating the historical record of the number of Titles. She steered her run towards the “big mountain” from the start, making huge turns in the upper lane, then finished the rest of her run at full speed, finishing with a show of style in the lower lane.

As always, the Freeride World Tour grand finale will be held in Switzerland, in Verbier during the Verbier Xtreme. The competition is scheduled to take place between March 20 and March 28, 2021, depending on weather conditions.

For those who are not yet initiated to the spirit of the Freeride World Tour, here is a little reminder:

Freeride is the purest form of skiing and snowboarding. The riders set off on a natural and unaltered mountain slope, without a defined route and without a stopwatch. Forget about placing slalom poles down the mountain. Forget about building jumps, half-pipes and tables. Forget about track maintenance. Freeride competitions aim to play with the characteristics of the terrain found on any side of the mountain, in the most exciting and basic format possible. There is a start gate at the top and a finish gate at the bottom. That’s all.

To evaluate a run, the judges use a points system from 0 to 100. The objective of this system approved by the riders is to have a unified judging system for all FWT, FWQ and FJT competitions which allows each style of riding has the opportunity to win. Judges are fully certified and supervised by a Chief Judge. They use an evolutionary method but there will always remain a human factor that could lead to different interpretations of the descent. It is part of freeriding as a sport and must be accepted by riders and judges alike. For the FWT events, the jury is made up of 6 judges: 4 judges, 1 main judge and 1 video judge (3 from the world of skiing and 3 from the world of snowboarding). The judgment criteria are: The difficulty of the line, the control, the fluidity, the jumps and tricks and finally the technique.

Once again, the Verbier Xtreme promises to be very exciting.

Find the full results here: https://www.freerideworldtour.com/event/2021-freeride-world-tour-stop-3-fieberbrunn-austria

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