Badminton: Lianne Tan bows at the English Open …

Lianne Tan is struggling to enter her Olympic year. After giving up, in January, the Thai tour, where the International Federation had grouped two tournaments at $ 1 million and the World Tour final at $ 1.5 million, in three weeks, deplored, in February, the cancellation of Several meetings, the Limburgoise lost for the second time as soon as she entered the competition, this Wednesday evening, in Birmingham, where the English Open takes place with a table of 32 players, both male and female.

As at the Swiss Open in early March, when she lost to the Danish Christophersen, world No. 45, by the score of 12-21, 11-21, Lianne suffered the law of her opponent, this time the Thai Chaiwan, 20 years old and world No. 29. We must admit that the forecasts did not tilt in favor of the Belgian, already beaten three times by this young player.

And the numbers, especially in the first round, turned out to be cruel for our compatriot who, after leading 4-1, conceded … 14 points in a row to be led 4-15. A terrible slump for the morale of Lianne who saw her opponent push to 6-19 before concluding on 9-21.

The second set was (fortunately) much more balanced, Lianne Tan competing until 12-13, a moment chosen by the Thai to accelerate to 12-17, then 13-19 and finally 15-21. Proof that talent does not wait for the number of years, Chaiwan having just celebrated his 20th birthday on… February 21!

Rendezvous for Lianne Tan at the end of this month, in Orléans, in principle against the Turkish Demirbag, world No. 58, hoping for a better result to regain better morale.

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