Yasmina, survivor of the attacks: “Nothing has changed for me”

Yasmina Peker denounces the way she is treated by insurance companies.

Yasmina is sitting in the living room of her apartment in Hoegaarden in Flemish Brabant. From the outset, its fragility pierces. She keeps one leg straight. Since the attacks, she suffers when she has to fold it. This security guard has been working at Zaventem airport for six years. She takes care of “profiling“for flights to the United States and Canada. In her mobile phone, she shows us pictures of planes on the tarmac. She loves her job and would not wish for anything in the world to change it.

Five years ago, Yasmina Peker should not have worked. She should have finished her shift around 7 a.m. But that day, she replaces a sick colleague at short notice. At 7:58 a.m., two bombs explode in the hall where she works. “I was blown away and part of the ceiling fell on me.”

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